“Night Blooms Review” – Arts Atl, September 26, 2010

What Critics Are Saying

Critical praise for A Walk in the Woods:

For the ingenious purposes of director Harrison Long’s “site-specific” Serenbe production credit scenic designer Jamie Bullins with the park bench, but the rest of the show’s remarkable atmosphere is largely due to mother nature . . . In lesser hands, the outdoor setting could have simply felt like a gimmick, but in Long’s Serenbe version, it has the effect of breathing fresh, dramatic life into a play . . .

Bert Osborne, The Atlanta Journal Constitution


Brad Rudy, Atlanta Theatre Buzz

“Top Five Atlanta Arts Events” for the month of June 2013

Andrew Alexander, Atlanta Theatre Critic

Revealing conversations, profound frustration and deepening understanding . . .

Atlanta Theatre

Serenbe – under the direction of Harrison Long – turned this play, that would have been low on my radar, into one of this years favorite shows . . . A Walk in the Woods is this summer’s sleeper hit for Atlanta theatre.

Busking at the Seams

Critical Praise for Harrison Long, Actor:
Best Supporting Actor, Honorable Mention- Harrison Long

The Sunday Paper: “Atlanta’s Best Actors 2008”
(“Magwitch” in Georgia Ensemble’s Great Expectations”)

Mr. Long has the appeal of a funny, gentle man forced into brutal choices.

Dan Hulbert, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
(“Jonathan” in Horizon Theatre’s The Film Society)

What Theatre Professionals Are Saying

Praise for A Walk in the Woods:
Nomination – Best Production, A Walk in the Woods
Award – Best Actor in a Play, Allan Edwards, A Walk in the Woods

Suzi Bass Awards for the Best of Atlanta Theatre

Yours is the first site-specific production of the play.

Lee Blessing, Playwright, A Walk in the Woods 2013

Praise for Splittin’ the Raft:

I’m pleased and proud that play is in such good hands . . . Your production of RAFT is the first ever in the Deep South, and it’s extremely gratifying to hear that audiences have been open to facing the thorny issues it presents . . . I’m very grateful to you, Harrison, for your passion for the script, for all the care you’ve taken to honor the original intent of the project, and for breathing new life into the piece. 

Scott Kaiser, Playwright, Splittin’ the Raft 
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The show last night (Splittin’ the Raft) was just INCREDIBLE! I mean truly, incredible! . . . This was professional quality acting, and much better than I usually see in Atlanta.  

Brian Clowdus, Artistic Director
Serenbe Playhouse

A detailed and cleverly directed production of Splittin’ the Raft. This was a complete and very imaginative production.   

Bob Farley, Artistic Director
Georgia Ensemble Theatre & Conservatory

Your direction was top notch . . . I’d love to talk to you more about the program at Kennesaw, which, until this past week, just wasn’t on my radar. 

Michael Legg, Director, Apprentice/Intern Company
Actors Theatre of Louisville

WOW! . . . THANK YOU, for the work you and your cast and designers put into Splittin’ the Raft! It was directed INCREDIBLY and was such an enjoyable show . . . Seriously, good job!

Betty Hart, Actor/Director/Teacher
The Alliance Theatre/Essential Theatre

Praise for Harrison Long, Actor:

Harrison’s precise and intelligent acting brings clarity and striking depth to his work on stage . . . Harrison is a principled man morally and esthetically; he strives for excellence and achieves it.

 Allan Edwards, Theatre Professional

His skill as a seasoned, outstanding professional actor has never failed to inspire and amaze me.

Robert J. Farley, Artistic Director
Georgia Ensemble Theatre

What University Colleagues Are Saying

Praise for Parade:

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the performance last night.  The students were fabulous!  And obviously well coached . . . I admire all that you are doing to try to heal old wounds and bring people together. Thanks for bringing “Parade” to the Strand last night. 

Thomas A. Scott, PhD
Professor Emeritus of History

It [Parade] was simply a terrific evening. Powerful, robust, moving, impressive, and so well orchestrated. I was awed by the student work and wonderful collaboration. I was moved to tears and am proud to be part of such a wonderful team. Well done, all!

Catherine M. Lewis, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, Museums, Archives & Rare Books

Praise for Splittin’ the Raft:

The committee voted overwhelmingly to invite Splittin’ the Raft to the festival . . . It is important to note that the selection team make invitation selections with the highest standards in mind. Splittin’ the Raft certainly rose to those standards. 

Shelly Elman – Chair of Theatre, Univ. of West Georgia
Region IV, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival

The play raises new questions about race, both historical and contemporary and also manages to offer a fresh, theatrical, fun-filled approach to performance . . . The director displayed a sure and confident hand with this production’s staging, design concepts, acting, casting, and tempo-rhythms . . . Certificate of Merit for Direction. Highly Recommended. 

Ray Paolino – Head of MFA Acting, University of Georgia
KC/ACTF, Reg. IV – Respondent

The production was intelligent, creative, and deeply moving. Congratulations! 

April Daras – Chair of Theatre, Davis and Elikins College

It was a masterful job on your part…I was truly inspired as a director myself with your work . . . It is a script that needs to be done [in] a state that has long struggled with the racial sins of our past. I congratulate you on the superb work you did on this important piece of theatre! 

James Harbour – Associate Professor of Theatre
Georgia Southern University

John Stewart’s performance is one that I will not soon forget . . . I was deeply affected by the great dignity exhibited in the scene on the auction block . . . [Shannon Sparks’] posture and poise was honest, open and so full of humanity. I think it was a brave and beautiful portrayal (again, I am moved to tears, as I read through my notes and think through that scene.) 

Laura Dougherty –Assistant Professor of Acting,
Winthrop University

Praise for Harrison Long, Actor:

I have directed Harrison in Athol Fugard’s A LESSON FROM ALOES here in New York and 1776 and THE GLASS MENAGERIE at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Holland, Michigan. He is a wonderful actor, blessed with great intelligence, imagination, presence, technical skill (vocal, physical, analytical), and superlative work ethic – all supported by a collaborative and warm-hearted nature. He has a deep understanding of acting process grounded in respect for the play and his co-creators. Just as he was an inspiration to me and the other company members in each of our productions, so he will be to his students. Harrison is a cultured, literate and articulate man devoted to finding truth in the play and the playing, in the situation, in the moment.

Thomas A. Bullard – Professor of Theater
Chairperson, Department of Theater 2007-2011
Head, Graduate Directing Program
Brooklyn College

What Community Members Are Saying

Praise for Parade:


Please accept my sincerest appreciation to you and the students for a phenomenal performance of Parade last evening. What you achieved with the performance is without comparison. You and your team brought Mary, Lucille, Leo and others to life again for three hours on the stage in Marietta, absolutely incredible! The performance also re-introduced the tragedy and events to a new generation right here in Cobb County. Quite simply, all involved inspired me through demonstrated passion and brilliance! Well done . . . well done! 

Dr. Richard Banz
Executive Director
Southern Museum and Kennesaw Museum Foundation

Praise for Splittin’ the Raft:

During the heartfelt and moving discussion, which followed the performance, students expressed their appreciation for the way that the play dealt with race relations as they existed in the past so that better understanding will lie ahead. 

Sam Ramsey
Former Mayor, City of Covington

For us in Oxford the subject matter of the play… was especially timely, as we were engaged in re-examining the myth of “Miss Kitty,” a Bishop’s slave-woman over whom the Methodist Episcopal Church split in 1844. Our thanks and applause to the students and their director for this feeling-and-thought-provoking presentation! 

Hoyt P. Oliver
Member Emeritus, Oxford City Council
Professor Emeritus, Oxford College of Emory University

The play made the audience think about the realities of slavery and what it meant to those who were slaves . . . congratulations on a thought-provoking play that I will be thinking about for a long time. 

Billy Chism
Editor, White County News

Through Huck we were forced to look inward again at the role racism may still play in our relationships. Wonderful work.

Hank Wise
Rockdale County Commissioner-Emeritus

 The play was extraordinary! . . . We have had nothing but positive comments via email and by word of mouth. 

Abigail Morgan Coggin
Program Director, Arts Association in Newton County

What Educators Are Saying

Praise for Splittin’ the Raft:

The performance was exceptional and inspiring. The kids really got the point of the play. I was so excited! . . . Again, thank you. 

Donavan Murdock – Assistant Principal
Maynard Jackson High School, Atlanta

What an outstanding experience Splittin’ the Raft provided for my students. We are in a decidedly rural and largely impoverished area. The chances of the majority of our students observing such a performance were extremely rare. They sat awe-struck at the brilliant production.

Linda Orwig – Fine Arts Teacher
Lumpkin County High School

I’m so glad that you brought it as a production and talk back for high school students too. This subject is too important to be swept under the rug of a ”time heals all” concept.

Shelley B Yeatman
Live Oak Elementary School Pre K Teacher
2007 Newton County Schools Teacher of the Year

Many of our students would otherwise never experience a live performance if it weren’t for generous organizations and partnerships like the one NCSS has with the Arts Association. Thanks! 

Elizabeth Gregory
Councilor, Eastside High School