Kennesaw State University- Commencement Address
“Remember Who You Are” December 17, 2014
Imagining America National Conference – Atlanta, Georgia
  “Theatre Across Communities” October 9, 2014
The Arts in Society International Conference – Rome, Italy
“We’re Not Ready for Huck Finn” June 2014
American College Theatre Festival, Region IV – Denver, Colorado
  Panel:The Frederick Douglass/Huck Finn Arts Education Initiative February 3, 2012
Ted(x) Talk* – Atlanta, Georgia
“The Power of Dialogue” presented by Margaret Baldwin.
(* Performed scenes from Margaret Baldwin’s Night Blooms)
March 15, 2011
The Southeastern Theatre Conference – Atlanta, Georgia
  Moderator:The Impact of Yoga on Teaching & Pedagogical Practice” March 5, 2011
Association for Theatre in Higher Education
  Acting I & II, Exercises that Merge Divergent Methods” July 31, 2008
KSU Symposium of Student Scholars – Kennesaw, Georgia
  Anton Chekhov: Theory and Praxis” (with student research team) April 14, 2008
The Southeastern Theatre Conference Chattanooga, Tennessee
Anton Chekhov: Theory and Praxis” (with student research team) March 6, 2008
The Players Club – New York City
Working as a New York Theatre Professional” May 2005
The Southeastern Theatre Conference – Greensboro, North Carolina
  Moderator:Shakespeare versus Sound Bites
Panelists: Gerald Freedman, David Hammond, Blake Robinson, Karen Robinson
March 2005